Guster's New Lightning Rod Music Video

Guster has just come out with another music video, folks! I watched it this morning and was a little mystified, to be honest. Chris VanGaalen, a singer/animator from Canada took on the project, and he did an admirable job. The animated sequences are really kinda trippy. It was like Guster on acid (I've heard it's better that way, but still). I'm not a big fan.

So, a couple of my observations on the music video (tell me if you agree):

1. This is the third Guster music video in 4 from the new album that doesn't feature the band. What is this trend all about? I'd like to see the band in my music videos, even if it is just for a second or two. This is a cool idea, but Guster needs a bit more creativity here. They're letting VanGaalen do all the work for them.

2. This video seemed a little less fitting for the song than the other GUOTS music videos. The digital-looking plush world really fit One Man Wrecking Machine, and Segway Scooter violence was rather funny for C'mon. This animation has a bit of the feel of the song, but it seems just a little too surreal.

3. What on earth is with some of the animation here? Who exactly was high? Guster or Chris VanGaalen? The scene with the naked guy swimming and turning into a frog and back at the end? The rapid transition of odd/distorted faces near the beginning? I liked the very beginning, with the mountain turning into a person of sorts. That had a bit of a Men in Black feel. I'm not so sure about the rest, though. I'm just confused.

Anyway, I've attached a YouTube embed of the video to this post. Enjoy. Let me know what you think, too. I'm interested to see if other Guster fans agree with me or not on this latest effort.


Free Guster Boston 2005 Show Recordings

Hey all, thought you might be interested in getting a copy of some live Guster tunes. Guster's 2005 show in Boston was one of those classics--a sort of homecoming. I thank Ryan's Smashing Life for posting this set list of recordings.

Who doesn't enjoy free Guster concerts, even if they aren't in person? Free music is always welcome to me. The best part of it is the fact that Guster still lets people make recordings of their concerts, as long as the venue allows it. These are some good ones, too.

Satellite: The Astronaut's Remix

So, I thought I'd tell you about a great remix I discovered. Guster's newest hit Satellite (well, as Guster "hits" go) has been remixed to a really creative new beat. You can listen to it I'm a fan, and I thought you would probably be, too. Ya gotta love the here, if you haven't yet. It's also available through the traditional purchase locations, should you desire a download or single album. Give it a listen. I gotta be honest, I usually don't enjoy mixes because overactive DJ's take perfectly good songs and mix them beyond recognition, to where they barely resemble their original recording. This one is pretty good, though. Enjoy!


Guster tunes, Hawaiian style

During the past week, I've been away from my computer and the blog for a reason--I went to Hawaii, where I had no internet access. Yeah, I know, it was painful. I had to cry myself to sleep then go to the beach in the morning. Rough life. Now I'm back to the snow in Utah and my Internet connection, and I'm quite rested. You're getting some prime material here.

Though I was disconnected from the Internet last week, I did have my iPod handy, and Guster helped me get through some of those "tough" times. Who knew a vacation to Hawaii could be so arduous? While laying in bed in the beach house, I rediscovered some excellent music. One tune that really struck me was Grin from Goldfly. I liked the melody and the thoughts of smiling it brought me on that night, just like it is at this very moment. The chorus is quite appealing, and the rest of the story is interesting. Another Guster tune that made me happy was So Long, which I've been more impressed with after each time I'm turned down. More than a song about a breakup, this tune strikes a chord with me on a deeper level. It's about moving on from rejection and being happy about it. Sometimes in life, you just have to bounce back.

Anyway, happy New Year to all, even though it's so late you've probably all given up on your resolutions by now. Thanks for reading. I look forward to another exciting year of following a great band. I hope the information I'm giving you is useful or at least entertaining, 'cuz I hate blogs filled with useless trash. If you have any suggestions for me, any interesting topics or ideas, feel free to let me know. I'd love to hear them.

"Fixing" Guster lyrics

I found an interesting blog post today. Check it out and see what you think. Drew, the author of the post, points out that a few of Guster's lyrics are a little depressing. It's an interesting viewpoint, but I think he's a little supercilious to think that he's capable of "fixing" perfectly good lyrics. Anyway, he posted a "fixed" version of So Long that really isn't too bad. Nothing like the original, but interesting nonetheless. Check it out.